TouchOSC templates iphone / android


added Deck, Master(on FX page) Level and Master Clip 

      screenshots at the end of the page

NEW in v3.0:
32FX presets, for each FX 8 presets :)
beat jump
eq-recall(see video)
compatible with Traktor PRO 1.2.7
complete midi remap(all moved to channel 14,15,16)
and more...

for basic stuff see old tutorial 


new screens:

 shift drop + seek = fine seeking


 while in FX1, HOLD A for 1 sec for preset1 or 2sec for preset2
the same for each letter in FX2,3,4 = 32 PRESETS

HOLD FX1 and buttons below faders for scrolling effects.
same for FX2,3,4.

 Already ocuppied cue points lid up. Press non ocupied cue point for storing it.HOLD OUT and then press delete for deleting current cue point.HOLD JUMP and then any CUE POINT for beat jumping.



 HOLD HIGH KILL for more then 0.5sec and the volume fader will jump and become HIGH EQ knob, then you can play with it. Tap again any KILL and fader will be back to VOLUME position and will become volume fader again. SEE VIDEO!!!
SAME for MID and LOW for each deck.
So one FADER is for VOLUME and HIGH, MID, LOW EQ. :)