TouchOSC templates iphone / android


 I can see these leds on ANDROID if you can see it on iPHONE please tell me.  Nevertheless LEDs are working 100%. Blinking on the end and when you press play on any deck LEDs are turned off.



 A B C D are deck focus select. LED are ON for selected deck.




4 FX chained . LEDS are ON for selected FX.

A B C D are effect unit 1,2,3,4 ON for each deck.



 A B C D are deck focus select, again with LEDs.

By pressing any non stored cue numbers it will be automatically stored new cue under pressed number.
OUT+delete will delete last played CUE.



 SHIFT will be usable when TouchOSC enable multitouch on Android phone. iPhone users should be fine.

Load A, B, C, D.

UP, DOWN turn browser to full screen, EXIT is for returning to decks, and stopping PRELISTEN.

PLAY load currently selected track to preview deck.

PRELISTEN is for seeking in preview deck.

 Right side is for fine beatmatching.







 Have to make this page with KILLs and 4 faders for better playing around.

ALL faders all set to SOFTTAKEOVER.