TouchOSC templates iphone / android

I use WiFi tethering for connecting phone to laptop.
instructions for my phone samsung i5700:

setting up:
- see first two minutes of the video, if you want.

- get program from and DONATE so they develop faster 

- get layout manager: Windows OS X Linux/other

- install PURE DATA, and MIDI YOKE: needed for communicating with TRAKTOR. -> download (for win7 I used MIDI Yoke NT 1.75)
     *MAC USERS* for virtual midi instead of MIDI YOKE try this. You will need to midi ports IN and OUT, havent tested because I dont have MAC 



for WINDOWS users, disable firewall and antivirus software completely!!! 

Maybe MAC users should do the same(dont have MAC).

Start Pure Data. Go to Media->MIDI settings... and put for input device 1: In from MIDI YOKE 2, and put for output device 2: Out to MIDI YOKE 1


   Android TouchOSC.tsi -> import(but on top of settings in traktor)and set MIDI YOKE routing.

Open in PURE DATA file, Android.pd, and enter IP address(if LEDs not working change the output port to 10000 in phone and in PURE DATA file(picture below) displayed on ANDROID phone in TouchOSC program, then click connect. You will have to click connect every time you want to use my layout.


    Android.touchosc, as soon as they enable it , you will be able to put this layout in the Android phone with layout manager. 
iPHONE users can upload layout immediately.